What to Do in Manhattan on a $20 Budget

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

What to Do in Manhattan on a $20 Budget

Who says you can’t have a good time in Manhattan if you’re broke? There’s a ton to do with just an Andrew Jackson in your pocket. So get that MetroCard ready because there’s a lot to do!

● Central Park Picnic

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Guys, Central Park is free ninety-nine! People seem to forget about how beautiful this landmark is. Grab a sandwich from a local deli and a soda for about $8 and a blanket from your apartment, and lay out in the sun!

● Get Some Culture At The MET


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is pay-as-you-wish. Although there are suggested prices on the signs when you walk in, don’t be fooled! We still recommend donating something as it helps keep the place running, but if that something is just $5, we won’t blame you. It’s one of the biggest art museums in the country, so go nuts!

● Create Your Own Pizza Tour


Have a few places you’ve been dying to try out, to really see whose slice is better? Most places you’re looking at $2.50 to $3 a slice. That’s a good 6 slices or so! Pick out a few stops in a neighborhood and make your OWN walking food tour.

● Take A Greenwich Village Tour


Another free thing no one seems to know about. The Village Alliance offers free daily tours of the super cool neighborhood that you’ll never be able to afford to live in. But at least you can learn a lot about it in 90 minutes, right? When you’re done, grab some falafel from Mamoun’s for lunch.

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