Creators Of Mad Hatter’s Whimsical World Are Paving The Way For The Future Of Live Experiences

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Creators Of Mad Hatter’s Whimsical World Are Paving The Way For The Future Of Live Experiences

Mad Hatter and his friends are going bonkers for these tea parties!

Nothing in Wonderland was ever really “normal,” but this year’s peculiar pandemic has ushered an even curiouser tea-time world—one which Dormouse, March Hare and Mad Hatter are eager to share with (small groups of) us. The production team behind the fantastical world of Mad Hatter’s (Gin &) Tea Party are giving us a look at how they’re reimagining this experiential space to bring guests a safe yet still spectacular tea party amidst uniquely strange times.

In an odd world where physical distancing is mandatory and immersive experiences seem to have taken place in another lifetime, the Mad Hatter team’s whimsical new tea parties are nothing short of wonderful. From contactless ticket validations and temperature checks upon entry to new PPE-enhanced costumes, they have created a fantastic new experience that fits right in with the bizarre times we live in and have turned Wonderland into an even curiouser and more exciting world than before.

Once upon a time, Mad Hatter’s guests entered through his shop but a new entrance has mysteriously appeared in its stead—a rabbit hole maze! This curious maze facilitates social distancing by staggering entries into the Tea Room, where the delightfully mad party awaits. Who would’ve thought that tumbling down a rabbit hole would ever be the safe way to make an entrance?

Once you’ve journeyed into the tea room you’ll find that what was once a unified table has now been broken up into several small ones with acrylic dividers to ensure more square footage for appropriate social distancing. Digital QR menus have also been introduced, and all touchable surfaces will be continuously disinfected to provide a safe tea time celebration! You may also be relieved to know that the fanciful hats provided to you by your hosts will each have been carefully disinfected with UV lights prior. The use of hand sanitizer and face masks will also be mandatory for  all guests (except, of course, once you’ve been sat at your table).

Your boisterous hosts may be a bit mad, but throughout your time there they’ll never break their most important tea time rule: following social-distancing protocols. The Mad Hatter and his friends will be keeping a six-foot distance at all times and their costumes will be disinfected after each party. The odd sight of the Mad Hatter donning his wildly iconic top hat, but now with a newly incorporated face shield, makes an already curious world even curiouser and is yet another example of how the fantastic team behind these parties are cleverly adapting to our unusual new lifestyle.

The Mad Hatter and his team have also equipped the venue with new HEPA filters that provide for better airflow. The gin-filled tea parties will be kept small and intimate with capacity below 50 people. This measure ensures maximum safety while still maintaining all the chaotic madness expected from this whimsical experience.

More than 25,000 happy tea party guests have already taken a trip down the rabbit hole to this global Wonderland-inspired adventure across Los Angeles, London,  and Barcelona!

Now, you’re invited to the Mad Hatter’s (Gin &) Tea Party for a mischievous celebration! Be sure to book your spot here.

All images belong to Barcelona and Los Angeles events. New York designs may be different but equally spectacular.

Tea time runs February 25- May 16

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February 25- May 16
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