Macy’s Flagship Plans To Build An Office Skyscraper Above Its Iconic Store

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Macy’s Flagship Plans To Build An Office Skyscraper Above Its Iconic Store
The world’s largest store is about to get a bit larger. Macy’s flagship store at 151 West 34th Street is looking to change things up soon with plans to add a skyscraper above the retail store.

Macy’s Inc. has been a main attraction in Herald Square since its opening over a century ago, and an integral aspect of NYC’s commercial culture. And CEO Jeffrey Gennette is looking to “unlock additional real estate value” on the already massive building, as was reported by Bloomberg back in April.

And now, in an even more recent report from the Wall Street Journal, more details on the project have been released. Apparently, the building proposal includes 1.5 million square feet of office space (plus a sky lobby and other improvements) by way of a skyscraper above the current iconic retail space. The current retail space is already 2.5 million square feet. The original office tower was proposed for 1.2 million square feet of space, so the amount of space has grown larger than initially expected.

There are also now renderings out from the architecture firm, which shows a glass exterior and other details. It definitely gives the cityscape around Herald Square a much different feel. Still, no timeline has been set in place yet for construction, etc.

Macy’s also recently announced they will be closing 125 of its “least productive” stores over the next three years.

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