4 Premium Dining Experiences You Can’t Miss Out On In NYC This Season

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4 Premium Dining Experiences You Can’t Miss Out On In NYC This Season

Foodie experiences like none other!

If you consider yourself an adventurous eater, we’ve got four premium dining experiences made for you and yours. This season, Fever and Wegame have cooked up a quartet of culinary experiences that include a chauffeured gastronomic journey to a mystery restaurant, a personal chef-crafted dinner in your own home, and more!

1. Find the Dinner: Surprise Meal at a Restaurant

Deciding on a restaurant can often be an intensive and, at times, exasperating process. This season, let the restaurant be decided for you. With Find the Dinner, you’ll be whisked away to a surprise restaurant in the city via chauffeur to then be treated to up to seven delicious dishes! Picky eater? No problem! This gastronomic experience will be adapted to your tastes and preferences, so you’re sure to leave with a good taste in your mouth. Tickets start at $129 for one.

2. Bring the Dinner: A Surprise Menu at Home

Are you more of a home body? Never fear. You don’t have to leave the home to be treated to a wonderfully-crafted menu. Bring The Dinner: A Surprise Menu at Home offers four excellent culinary experiences that range from a simple, 3-course meal to a deluxe menu that includes a premium appetizer, dish, side, and dessert, as well as a bottle of wine. Tickets start at $79 for one.

3. Find the Chef: Surprise Meal From a Professional Chef at Home

You’ve ordered food delivered to your house, but this season, you can do one better by having the chef delivered instead. Bring the Dinner transports expert chefs to your kitchen, so that you can dine on a exquisitely crafted menu in the comfort of your own home while also learning about the details in every dish. In addition to providing you with your own personal chef, the experience also covers the shopping and table service! Tickets start at $220 for two.

4. Find the Room: Surprise Meal in a Restaurant with the Perfect Room

Let date night go all night with the Find the Room experience! This lux experience let’s diners go all out with a luxury night away in a three, four, or five-star hotel room complete with a surprise extravagant dinner. With four separate options, guests can opt for dinner for two in a double room or live the high life with dinner for two in a private suite with hot tub, including breakfast and a bottle of champagne. The dinner menu includes a welcome cocktail, appetizer, main dish, side, dessert, and wine pairing. Tickets start at $389 for two.

Live the high life this year, get your tickets to sophistication today!

Bring the Dinner: A Surprise Menu At Home!

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At Home: Central Time
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