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Step Into A World Of Spectacular Visual Arts At This 3D Light Festival Coming To NY

By Wassim Abdul Khalek

LUMA 3D Light Festival NY

LUMA will transform Binghamton into an augmented reality that’s otherworldly!

The stunning LUMA festival is back this fall with a larger-than-life light show just three hours north of NYC. For their seventh annual projection arts fest, the buildings of downtown Binghamton will be taken over with breathtaking 3D projections on the weekend of September 10th and 11th.

With its lineup of internationally-renowned artists and its cutting edge technology, this spectacular projection mapping experience uses the same technology as at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and on the facade of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. And if you’ve never been it’s certainly worth the weekend getaway.

To clarify, projection mapping is a state-of-the-art technology that turns any physical object — even as massive as the Empire State Building — into a surface that’ll immerse you into whatever world is created before you. This incredible animation used by LUMA is undoubtedly changing the way we experience digital displays.

This year, LUMA is adding two new talented artists to its team, for a total of 5 artists from around the world:

  • Sila Sveta (Moscow, Russia) is the ‘first call for every outrageous, unthinkable and unknown possibility in immersive experiences’. One of their most recent projects was XR content design for a Billie Eilish live stream.
  • Mindscape (Bucharest, Romania) often incorporates live dance and acrobats into narrative architectural mapping. 
  • Maxin10sity (Budapest, Hungary) is a “master of 3D architectural transformation”. They are known for their astonishing scene transitions and their ability to reimagine building design in insanely creative ways.
  • LightHarvest (Brooklyn, New York), mastered the art of storytelling through projection mapping. Using both 3D architectural mapping and full body motion capture, LightHarvest connects with audiences in an unique way.
  • Additional artists to be announced soon.

Here’s a look at one of the renderings we can expect to come to life at this year’s show!!

The LUMA festival is completely free, but you’ll need to reserve your spots in advance if you want to secure entrance. So invite everyone you know to sign up with you and watch some of Binghamton’s massive buildings transform into captivating, immersive masterpieces!

LUMA Projection Arts Festival

September 10, 2021 20:30 (View more details)