Lost Your Unlimited MetroCard? MTA Will Refund it for Free

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Lost Your Unlimited MetroCard? MTA Will Refund it for Free

A majority of commuting in NYC is done through the use of our wonderful and always punctual subway system. Never delayed, or stuck, or wreaking of vomit…

…if only.  

On top of all the hardships you’ll face on your daily commutes, it also feels like MTA is just digging deeper into your wallet monthly as the prices for weekly and monthly MetroCards rise.

If you’ve ever lost one of these precious monthly or 7-day cards you know what a pain it can be to get your money back, and that even losing it can cost you! (If you even knew it could get money back at all, which somehow many people don’t.)

However, if you’re smart you’re buying these unlimited MetroCards with a debit or credit card. Not cash!

This is important for the simple reason that when you lose your card you can’t be refunded if you used cash to purchase it. The sooner you place a claim online (or by phone) for your lost or stolen card the better it will be for your refund. If you wait, you’ll lose money for those days you weren’t using the card because you will only be refunded from the time you placed your claim through the end of the month (or week, depending).

That said, your first claim of a lost or stolen card will be refunded at the pro-rated price for free! The not-so-good news: if you lose it a second time, MTA will charge you a $5 fee to refund your purchase.

Featured image source [Photo Modified: flickr/Billie Grace Ward/CC by 2.0]

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