The Venue For NYC’s Epic Money Heist Experience Has Finally Been Revealed

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The Venue For NYC’s Epic Money Heist Experience Has Finally Been Revealed

The infamous ‘Money Heist’ gang is plotting to take over Brooklyn next month and they’ve finally revealed their chosen target as the landmarked skyscraper and bank hall Skylight One Hanson, formerly the Williamsburg Savings Bank Clocktower. Will you join them?

At 512 feet, the Williamsburg Savings Bank Clocktower was constructed in a modernized Byzantine-Romanesque style and was once the tallest structure between Manhattan and Paris. Built in the 1920s, the outer-building is capped by a gold dome and boasts a four-sided clock face.

It’s no wonder that the Professor chose this iconic building for his latest mission, which will put your heisting skills to the test.

The fully immersive experience based on the global hit show will be held in a vast, cathedral-like space with 63-foot vaulted ceilings, 40-foot windows, elaborate mosaics and marble arches.

It will be an adventure full of adrenaline, excitement and euphoria. Professional actors will guide you through the action-packed experience as you collaborate in the heist of the century to become an official member of “la Resistencia.”  Lisboa is already counting on you:

If you think you have what it takes to take over this extraorindary building join the gang on their next mission starting Thursday, December 9, and leave Skylight One Hanson with your pockets full of cash!

Money Heist: The Experience - NYC

Opening Thursday, Dec. 9
Starting at $44
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