This Limited Edition Shake Shack Burger will Surprise You

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This Limited Edition Shake Shack Burger will Surprise You
We’ve seen most meat and fish turned into burgers, but you’ve likely never seen a burger made with this.

Shake Shack isn’t exactly known for its adventurous menu, sticking to the classic American foods like burgers, fries, hot dogs, and milkshakes. However, this hasn’t stopped the fast-casual restaurant from teaming up with chefs like Daniel Humm or David Chang in the past to create the lobster burger and “Momofuku shrimp stack” burger, respectively.

Now, Shake Shack is collaborating once again. This time with Michelin-star chef Fergus Henderson. The two are joining forces to create a unique new burger made of eel meat. 

This eel burger targets the foodie who isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. As Fergus Henderson himself put it, “the Eel Burger is a gentle soul delivering everything a good burger should: steadying with fillet of smoked eel and crispy bacon, uplifting with horseradish, watercress and pickled red onion.”

Even if the sound of “Eel Burger” scares you, just looking at everything that’ll be included between those two buns is enough to make any skeptic try it.

The chef is known for his restaurant in London, St. John, and will bring signature items from the restaurant to Shake Shack including their vanilla-custard doughnuts and select craft wines.

The menu item will cost about $10 and be sold exclusively at the Madison Square Park location from Friday through Saturday (Sept. 15 and 16). There is only a limited supply so if you’re dying to try it get there as early as possible!

Featured image source [courtesy of Shake Shack]

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