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How life in NYC is kind of like a Video Game

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

How life in NYC is kind of like a Video Game

If New York sometimes feels a little out of the ordinary, that’s because it is. In fact, living in NYC is kind of like a video game in a few different ways, and with the right strategy, you could be leveling up in no time!

● Crossing the street is like a game of Frogger; take your time, sometimes go backwards to go forwards, and make sure to never slow down enough to get that dreaded car honk from the yellow cabs.

● The subway might be a long ride, but you just haven’t earned the right to fast travel yet. Think of New York as a sprawling, open world game and you just have to traverse the map to really get the full experience.

● In NYC, instead of a one stop shop for everything, you often find yourself heading to the deli for one thing, the bodega for another, and the corner organic store for yet another. Think of it like those fetch quests, where you just run around collecting items. But you do it every day.

● Feel like you always run into the same groups of people every day? The hipsters, the wall street suits? They are basically NPCs and there’s just a bunch of copies of them everywhere.

● Small accomplishments to others are huge achievements here, much like actual gaming achievements. Catching your connecting train right as you get off your last one, making it work all 5 days in a row with a delay? Pat yourself on the back, you’ve earned that trophy.