Lies All New Yorkers Have Told On Instagram

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It’s about time we called BS on a lot of the New York City photos on Instagram. Don’t misunderstand us, we love our city as much as the next guy… but this clean chic version of NYC that circulates around Insta exists in a completely parallel universe to ours. Here are some of the biggest lies we tell on Instagram:


The subway on Instagram:

It’s just so clean, fast and convenient… LIES!

It’s like traveling in the belly of a giant earthworm that eats nothing but Indian food:


Times Square on Instagram:

#mydailythanks #thanks #welcometonewyork #welcometotheshow #newyorkcity #timessquare #manhattan

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Oh, Times Square is just so bright and excitin… LIES!

We get it, if you’re a New Yorker you already hate it because you know, they call it the crossroads of the world because THE ENTIRE F-ING WORLD IS WALKING THROUGH THERE AT THE SAME TIME

This is a sidewalk. #timessquaresucks

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A New York Brunch on Instagram:

Brunch is so wonderful here in N… LIES!

If you really like an authentic New York Brunch experience in New York, wait on line at the DMV for a few hours.

Mondays #brunchline @sweetchicklife

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The Streets on New York City on Instagram:

Summer in New York❣️❣️❣️

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The streets of NYC are just so glamorous and chic and… LIES!

The streets of NYC smell like dry-aged-garbage.


Dining on Instagram

Yes, why live in New York City if you aren’t going to sample the… LIES!

Seamless… Seamless is how we dine.


New York Apartments on Instagram:

Oh yeah, we all live like this in the city. LIES!

A lot like a man’s penis, an apartment is never as big or as well-kempt as they’ll tell you.

Got robbed at my apartment 😂 #messyapartment

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