A Legitimate New York Pizza Festival is Finally Coming to NYC

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Last year’s “New York Pizza Festival” was a story of nightmares. But this year, the organizer of the International Pizza Expo, Peter Lachapelle, and NYC pizza expert Scott Wiener—both of whom are completely unconnected to the “unlimited” scheme of 2017—are joining forces to create a legitimate NY Pizza Festival, the right way! 

This year’s New York Pizza Festival will take place on October 6 and 7. The festival will be in “Little Italy of the Bronx” on Crescent Avenue, and feature pizza from venues across Staten Island, Long Island City, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan (as well as tastes from other “renowned pizzaioli” from around the country). There will be over 30 pizzeria stations to choose from once you’re there. 

The NYC venues currently booked to attend are:

  • Staten Island: Denino’s
  • Long Island City: Levante
  • Bronx: Pugsley Pizza
  • Brooklyn: Best Pizza; Di Fara
  • Manhattan: Zero Otto Nove

Until September 9, tickets to the event through nycpizzafestival.com are either $20 or $30, depending on if you’re interested in three slices or six, respectively. However, you don’t need any tickets to visit, only if you decide to eat…which we imagine will be everyone who attends because who could say no to pizza?! 

Featured image source: [Levante / Facebook]