The Last Supermoon Of 2019 Will Take Place Tonight

Keep your eyes peeled!


The Last Supermoon Of 2019 Will Take Place Tonight
Ready to see the last supermoon of the year? It’s happening on the East Coast at the exact same time that spring begins on the northern hemisphere. Talk about a coincidence!

It’s actually the first time in the past 19 years that these two occurrences happen at the same time and to top it all off, its not just a supermoon but a Full Worm Moon. This slightly silly name (throwback to the super blood wolf moon) was coined by Native Americans because of the link to the seasonal appearance of earthworm trails.

Incase you need a little refresher, a supermoon is essentially when the moon’s monthly orbit is closest to the earth, but we don’t notice it all the time because it only really catches our attention with it combines with a full moon. Think about everything magical about the moon except tonight it’ll be bigger and brighter!

So far it seems like we may be in for some milder weather, with relatively clear skies and plenty of sun throughout the day. Obviously the most important factor about having a good view of the moon is a clear starry night sky so keep your fingers crossed! The moon will start rising at around 6:48pm tonight and will be in full force at 9:42pm. Make sure you get out tonight to say hi to the shiny moon, because the next one won’t come around until spring 2020!

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