This is Your Last Chance to Do Your Business in NYC’s Solid Gold Toilet

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This is Your Last Chance to Do Your Business in NYC’s Solid Gold Toilet

The closest thing New Yorkers will get to sitting on the iron throne is to sit on this solid gold one in the Guggenheim, and this it’s your last chance because it’ll be gone by the middle of next month. 

Imagine how feverishly Cercie would be protecting the throne if it were made out of gold instead of iron. It’d take more than a dwarf and a lizard enthusiast to peel her power hungry mitts off of it, that’s for sure.

Last September we clued you into the Guggenheim’s newest, and maybe weirdest, installation, a fully functioning solid gold toilet.  The piece is the brainchild of the Italian sculptor Mauirizio Cattelan. What’s the piece called? We can only assume Cattelan is throwing a little shade when he decided to call it “America.”

Of course, the installation was named before Trump won the election, it would probably look right at home in the penthouse bathroom of the President’s New York City tower. In case you were wondering, it’s not by design. Here’s what the Guggenheims artist director wrote in a post on the museum’s blog:

…Yet it is the Trump reference that resonates so loudly today. When the artist proposed the sculpture in mid-2015, Donald Trump had just announced his bid for the presidency. It was inconceivable at the time that this business mogul, he of the eponymous gilded tower, could actually win the White House.

For all intents and purposed “America” is a normal toilet, with the exception that it’s made of, somewhere between 70 and 120 pounds of 18-karat gold. If you want to have your chance to take a “bigly” dump in a golden toilet you’ll have to be quick. The exhibition will end on September 15th.

ProTip: If you suffer from a shy colon, try drinking a large cup of “Covfefe” before going into the museum. That should get things moving.

Featured image source [guggenheim]