The Largest Planetarium In the Western Hemisphere Opened in Jersey City

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Star Gazers in New York City have a new item for their bucket-list; a trip to the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere… just over the river in Jersey City. Here are all the details.

There is an overflowing list of reasons to visit New York City, stargazing isn’t on it. Between Smog and light pollution you are probably more likely to see Santa’s sled than Orions Belt. But, don’t give up! Would-be Astronaughts and Astronomists have an opportunity to see the stars in a new way thanks to a stellar planetarium that opened this weekend.

A new excuse to across the Hudson River and head to Jersey City landed on Saturday. The Liberty Science Center unveiled its new “Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium” and LSC Giant Dome Theater.

The former IMAX theater is now the largest planetarium on the continent and fourth largest on the planet, only beaten out by two in Japan and one in China. The screen has a staggering 88 million pixel resolution, a projection system that produces over than 281 trillion individual colors, a dome stands at a massive 89-feet, and speakers capable of producing 30,000 watts of digital sound… if you want to see the stars, this place may be the closest thing to being in orbit. Check out the scale of this thing:

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You can find the full list of films and Planetarium Shows at the Liberty Science Center’s website HERE.

Here’s an official video from the Liberty Science Center:

88 million pixels. 89 feet in diameter. 280 trillion colors. The Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium opens this weekend!

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