The Largest Festival of Colors comes to New York this Saturday

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The Largest Festival of Colors comes to New York this Saturday

Holi Phagwa is the Hindu festival of colors, a joyous, colorful, celebration of the spring, and it’s here in NYC! It is a day of revelry; live bands, DJs, art installations, delicious food, and great people.

NYC’s 6th annual Festival of Colors brings amazing live music, DJs, art installations, and scrumptious eats. It’s a time when social barriers collapse, and all the participants are united in joyful celebration. It is a time to throw vibrantly colored powder at your friends and strangers, then dance together as one huge colorful mass of beautiful people. This is going to be one hell of a party, what more of an excuse do you need to head over the Expo center?

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Of course, it goes without saying, you are going to get messy. You should wear clothing that you won’t be too stressed about if it gets “colorful”. The powder is designed not to stain, but it’s probably not the evening to breaking out that white mink coat.

The music this year is brought to you by:

Rutgers RAAG
Quincy Vidal
With more to be announced


Expect art from:

Apostrophe Gallery
Anastasia Galfund
Julian Weiss
Sofia Antonelli
Ryan Bock
Joohee Park (Stickymonger)
Sei Smith
Caslon Bevington
James Rubio
Charlie Hudson
Bruno Smith
Julia Powers
Love Child
James Reyes
Morell Cutler
Franco Cuttica


Honor the spring season in the most colorful festival NYC has ever seen at The New York Expo Center (1110 Oak Point Ave) on Saturday, May 20, from 1:30 pm through to 7:30 pm.

Hindu festival of colors celebrates the coming of spring, fruitful harvests, unity, joy, and a tale from the Bhagavad Gita. Among other things, it is traditional to celebrate Holi by throwing vibrantly colored powder (Holi Gulal) at one another, something we’re sure you’ve seen in countless travel documentaries. One of the biggest points of the traditional festival is the loosening of strict orthodox social structures in Indian society. As a result, the atmosphere is brimming with excitement and joy.

Get your tickets HERE with Fever.


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