This is the Largest Bagel Sandwich Around Town

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This is the Largest Bagel Sandwich Around Town

You’ll have to make short trip out of the city to find this bagel, but if you’re with a big group it’s totally worth it. O’Bagel in Hoboken serves up these Jumbo Bagels that weigh a whopping 25-35 pounds each! With a sandwich so large, it can feed a small army of up to 30 people.

The jumbo bagels are made by hand, and can be customized depending on how many people it intends to feed as well as what you’d like to include in the sandwich. According to an interview co-owner Stephen El Hassen recently had with Thrillist, the most popular choice ordered is the The Ridge Diablo (which includes scrambled eggs, Taylor ham, pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapeños, hash browns, and chipotle aioli).

To get one of these massive beauties be sure to pre-order yours (or call ahead) since it will take some time to make. O’Bagel also offers delivery and catering options if you’re unsure of how you’d get this heavy sandwich home.

How this gigantic bagel stays together as you start cutting into it is truly a mystery. A perfect nosh for any gathering.

Featured image source [Yelp/O’Bagel]

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