Ladies And Gentlemen… The Pizza Cake …Because “Only In NYC”

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Ladies And Gentlemen… The Pizza Cake …Because “Only In NYC”

Two of mankind’s greatest achievements collide, introducing NYC to a culinary chimera that will raise spirits as much cholesterol levels… ladies and gentlemen, the Pizza Cake

There are lots of healthy food options in NYC, Avacado Bars and Vegan restaurants crop up every other minute… but what about those of us that want high cholesterol eats, those of us who want to break a sweat by our food choice alone? Well for us, there is Pizza Cake.

Times Square’s Bowlmore offers up much more than just than just disco-lit bowling, in our humble opinion, they are quickly becoming the city’s fast/junk food kings. Scoff if you will, but if you’re not curious about digging into a slice of pizza cake, or devour a pizza cupcake, then there is something wrong in the world. (Read that with a healthy dose of sarcasm if you will)

Talk about deep dish!!! Happy National Deep Dish Day ?! #pizzacake #insiderfood @bnigh @elliekirn

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Bowlmor’s infamous Chi-Town Mega Dog = 2 feet of daring eats done right. #bowlmorlanes #bowlmoreats #eattttts

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