This Interactive Cartoon “Reality To Idea” Expo Is Coming To New York

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

This Interactive Cartoon “Reality To Idea” Expo Is Coming To New York
The rising L.A. based star, Joshua Vides is coming to New York this month for the next installation of this “Reality to Idea” interactive show.

Joshua Vides has been making waves in the art scene over the past year with his keen ability to take real life 3D objects and reverse them into their 2D sketch, or so it seems.

Using simple black and white paint, Vides takes a random object or even a room and turns it totally cartoonish. His Instagram account is a collection of Air Jordans, traffic cones, fruits and other inanimate objects that have been transformed into a cartoon on par of that evil doodle episode of Spongebob (come on you totally know what I’m talking about).

Vides has gained a lot of popularity mainly due to his limited addition sneakers:

1 / 1 for @kingjames ?

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But his take on the cult favorite, 1995 Acura NSX also has his fans in awe:

The special part of his New York appearance is that for the first time he will have prints available for purchase. New View (pictured below) which measures 18” x 24,” is a limited edition art work. There are only 125 available and go on sale May 4th on the Reality to Idea online shop.


The show will be held from May 10th-13th at 208 Bowery from 11 am – 8 pm. Be sure to check it out!

Featured image: solecollector.com