You know you’re from New York City when…

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

You know you’re from New York City when…

Whether you’re born and bred here, or just have been living here long enough to feel like you’re really “from” here, there’s some tried and true moments, thoughts and experiences that say you’re a real New Yorker. You know you’re from New York City when…

● A $12 cocktail sounds like a STEAL. I mean, come on, some bars are charging up to $20 for that martini!

● Losing your Metrocard is like losing a limb. It’s painful, it’s sad, and now you need to spend a whole lot of cash to get a new one. You know that true despair when you reach into your pocket or wallet to find you’ve lost that golden ticket.

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● Walking anywhere is the most aggravating experience ever. No one moves fast enough, not in the city, and definitely not when you are traveling either.

● You can fall completely asleep on the subway and still be able to wake up in time for your stop.

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● You pre-walk on the subway so you get on the exact subway car you need to, to get out in front of the perfect staircase to get where you need to go.

● You either don’t have a driving license or it’s been so long since you’ve driven, you’re not sure you know the difference between pedals anymore.

● Every time you enter a bodega, you secretly hope you meet a new cat.

● You know the difference between a bodega and a deli.

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● Despite all the B.S. you deal with every single day, you still can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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