What to Know About the L Train Shutdown

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What to Know About the L Train Shutdown

The L train is scheduled to shut down in 2019, and many are now left figuring out how they’ll get around without it. And we’re freaking out a bit.

Service will be shut down on the L line between Eighth Avenue and Bedford Avenue beginning in April 2019—for 15 months. A big problem for those who rely on the L as their transportation in and out of Manhattan.

Service on the J,M,Z and G trains will increase; the G and C trains will be longer to “increase capacity”; there will be free MetroCard transfers at select stops (here); there will be HOV3 restrictions on the Williamsburg Bridge during rush hour to get across quicker; and add several new bus routes to open subway stations.

Although other train routes and bus routes have been released as options, the city is also creating more bike lanes in anticipation of more cyclists on the roads once the train shuts down. 

Featured image source: Photo Modified: Flickr / James Loesch / CC by 2.0

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