Knitting Is The New Yoga, And ‘We Are Knitters’ Wants New Yorkers To See Why

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Knitting Is The New Yoga, And ‘We Are Knitters’ Wants New Yorkers To See Why

The NYC-inspired company, We Are Knitters, encourages people to make their own clothing and decor items by giving them the tools necessary to get started.

We Are Knitters began in 2011 when its founders, Pepita and Alberto, noticed a trendy millennial knitting on a NYC subway and wanted to bring that same youthful excitement of knitting to Spain. There, knitting was mostly thought of as an activity done by grandmothers but Pepita and Alberto were dedicated to changing that narrative by using bright colors of yarn that were more fun and vibrant, and providing people with their own tool kits. Eight years later, their company that began in their home has spread internationally with US being their largest market, and an expansion into countries such as Japan and Australia.


Since the brand’s early days, they’ve grown to include a variety of kits that span from beginners to advanced knitting (or crocheting) for women, children, home decor, and even accessories. Each kit includes 100% natural yarn from Peru, handmade wooden needles or crochet hooks, and the pattern how-to all nicely packaged in an eco-friendly bag. They’ve become so popular that they now have over 700-thousand knitters!


Most exciting, however, is the ever-changing nature of the items. Regardless of what your needs are these unique kits are constantly being reimagined with new collections to choose from available every 10 days! They’ve even partnered with brands like Anthropologie, Kiehl’s, and celeb Krysten Ritter for fun new collections.

Their newest one just launched on May 14th for all the adorable babies out there. Being that “knitting is the new yoga” in its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and overall mental healthin addition to improving self-esteem and helping your psychomotor systemit’s the perfect gift for moms and moms-to-be to relax and unwind while making something special for their baby. As part of this new collection people will be able to create a mini abruzzo sweater, sloth amigurumi, dragonfly blanket, guppy cardigan, and precious peccary beanie. That said, there are countless of other kits and collections you can choose from as well on the We Are Knitters site.

Along with this new collection, We Are Knitters will also be launching a promotion for knitters everywhere.

From Sunday, May 26th through Wednesday, May 29th, there will be various fibers discounted, and you’ll be able to stitch together all the promotional details, here.


featured image source: @aniab for We Are Knitters

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