Kellogg’s Will Bring Back Froot Loops Cereal Straws Next Week in NYC

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Kellogg’s Will Bring Back Froot Loops Cereal Straws Next Week in NYC

Straws have been a hot topic lately, with big brands being banned from using plastic straws anymore. And while companies are figuring out what they’ll use instead, the world of social media wants to know what happened to the Froot Loops Cereal Straws that were discontinued in 2009…those would be a good replacement for plastic straws, right?

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Well, one fan of this idea, Hannah Wade, decided to start a petition for Kellogg’s to bring Froot Loops cereal straws back, and they listened. The petition on Change.org has received nearly 13-thousand signatures with the mission statement being:

“People around the world seem to be nostalgic for this delicious treat from our childhood. Bringing back Fruit Loops Cereal Straws would bring joy to my generation and generations to come.”

Acknowledging that many people are currently longing for the fruity treat of their childhood, Kellogg’s has decided to bring the cereal straws back! The website notes that “while [they] currently don’t plan to bring back the originals, [they’ve] created a new, special-edition cereal straw.”

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The straws will be available at the Kellogg’s NYC Café in Union Square for only one week, beginning on August 7.

For those who don’t know if they’ll make it during that week, Kellogg’s even released the recipe for people to make at home whenever! There’s one recipe for Froot Loops Cookie Straws, and another for the Stacked Froot Loops Straws.

Where: Kellogg’s Café, 31 E 17 Sth
When: Begins Aug. 7

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