Junzi Kitchen Just Added A New Noodle Bowl You Have To Try



Junzi Kitchen Just Added A New Noodle Bowl You Have To Try
Junzi Kitchen’s main mission is to give customers a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine in NYC through their menu, events and very own chef’s table.

Junzi 君子 is the Chinese word for; a humble, thoughtful and open-minded person, a principle that the restaurant constantly strives for as they make their food and share it with the world. Founded back in 2015 by Yale graduate students from China, their goal is to connect different types of people and cultures through their delicious food, mainly featuring Northern Chinese chun bings and noodle bowls.

The recent exciting news is the launch of their brand new Buddha Palm Chicken Bowl, just in time for the spring season. Before you wonder where the bowl got its name from, buddha palm is actually one of China’s most commonly used vegetables (it actually looks like two palms pressed together) and can be most similarly compared to a squash. The recipe features slices of buddha palm stir-fried and added to a bowl of sesame noodles, griddled chicken and a few toppings.

Is your mouth watering yet? Well then head to any of the currently open Junzi Kitchen locations around the city and be one of the first to try this spring-time bowl!

Locations: Greenwich VillageMorningside Heights, New Haven Bryant Park (coming soon)

Times: 11 am – 10 pm

featured image: instagram.com/junzikitchen/

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