Below Jebon NYC is a Secret Lounge With a Hilarious Japanese Game Show

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Below Jebon NYC is a Secret Lounge With a Hilarious Japanese Game Show

Head over to “little Tokyo” in the East Village for some hilarious BATSU! fun.

A charming melange of electric shocks, paintballs, and the screams of a giant egg-smashing chicken…the East Village sensation BATSU! has taken the city by storm!

Batsu, a Japanese-style variety show, is a penalty game where improv comics compete in challenges and the loser has to undergo bizarre and hilarious punishments for failing. In an underground lounge theater below the restaurant Jebon on St Marks Place, the four main performers of BATSU! are members of the acclaimed comedy group Face Off Unlimited, but the show welcomes audience members to participate!

As a participating audience member you’re playing to win free beer and other fun prizes, but if you don’t win…BATSU! That means you’ll have to partake in whatever punishment is given to you. Some of these punishments in the past have included drinking soy sauce out of someone’s belly button with a straw, getting paintballs to the chest, or getting an egg smashed on your head by a chicken—it can be nearly anything, so be prepared!

If you want to go but aren’t sure you want to take the risk of participating, no worries! You can order food drinks from their full sushi and bar menu.

Whether you go with a group or on a date, you’ll be in stitches laughing all night. But don’t forget to grab your tickets first here!

Place: BATSU!

Where: 15 St Marks Pl