Jay-Z Racks up a Whopping $91,135 Tab Partying in NYC!

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Jay-Z Racks up a Whopping $91,135 Tab Partying in NYC!
On Sunday night, Jay-Z stepped out in NYC for a night out to celebrate his friend Juan “OG” Perez’s birthday—and needless to say, he went all out for it.

Instead of joining his wife at the All-Star game in LA, Jay hit the city with a group of friends. Although they spent dinner at Zuma and grabbed drinks at Inwood’s Made in Mexico, the priciest bill was racked up at the nightclub Playroom where Jay-Z spent a whopping total $91,135! That’s not including the several thousands they’d already spent before reaching Playroom.

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Jay-Z’s bottle service receipt 🍾😳

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Jay and his group ordered 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne (which he owns), and paid full price for them. According to Page Six, they were seen giving bottles to surrounding tables.

The real winner of the night was the table’s waitress, Dayhana, who made an $11,100 tip!

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