A Massive Italian Dining Destination Is Making Its Way From Rome To Tribeca • NERO.lab

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A Massive Italian Dining Destination Is Making Its Way From Rome To Tribeca • NERO.lab

New York is getting another little piece of Italy—and no we’re not talking about Little Italy!

The NERO.lab Italian “Food Zone” is coming to Tribeca—to 40 Wall Street, specifically, which will be its very first U.S. location. They have locations in Rome, the city Terni (in Italy’s Umbria region) and Aprilia (just outside of Rome). And now they’re coming to the U.S.

NERO.lab is a food hall of sorts that brings together all the best parts of Italian cuisine: coffee, pastries, wine, pasta and pizza!


It’s functional at all hours of the day. During breakfast time, it serves as a cafeteria-style artisanal pastry shop with stuffed croissants, pastries, cakes and homemade desserts.


During lunch it is a bistro, with salads and sandwiches for more casual dining and sit-down dining room options for meetings with two course menus.

And don’t forget an aperitif! There will be an extensive wine bar as well as American cocktail offerings in the evening. The restaurant portion will of course be open for dinner.

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Their website reads: “NERO.lab stands as a fusion and change of catering by offering table service as if it were a classic bistro but at low prices like those of a fast-food restaurant, constantly maintaining the quality of its dishes unchanged.”

The space it will be occupying was another Italian-influenced speciality business: Dean & DeLuca, which closed all of its locations last year (though this particular space has been closed for two years). The space is 17,000 square feet large, so it will definitely be somewhere you can spend infinite hours in, sampling the freshest Italian food to your heart’s desire! The space will be part-grab-and-go, part-formal-dining, part-bar, and part-classroom for wine and cooking classes.

Though it doesn’t say on the website when it’s opening, we’ve reached out for more details. Tribeca Citizen reported a late summer 2020 opening.

featured image source: Nero Lab

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