The Intrepid Is Hosting Free Astronomy Nights On Top Of Its Enormous Aircraft Carrier

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The Intrepid Is Hosting Free Astronomy Nights On Top Of Its Enormous Aircraft Carrier

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is not like other museums in NYC. Instead of being in a historic building or a modern architectural feature, it is right aboard the legendary aircraft carrier that was in World War II, the Vietnam War and was used for space mission recovery.

While it’s always cool to visit, they have some great events in the calendar, one of them being their monthly “Astronomy Nights” series where you can try to find NYC’s stars and constellations with high-tech telescopes.

The first one is tonight, March 6, and will be a multimedia installation showcasing real data from NASA’s Kepler mission along with music by French composer and Grammy Award-winning producer Henri Scars Struck. (Though this event does not include stargazing yet since it is indoors).

The following event is Friday, April 3, and features Manan Arya, a “problem-solving technologist and origami expert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.” Yes, NASA really uses origami paper folding techniques to design giant spacecraft structures! Some must be small and then expand outward after they are launched into space.

Most events begin promptly at 7:30 (doors open at 7), and the stargazing portion is from 8:15pm–10:00pm, weather permitting. They will primarily be standing room only.

The following dates are: May 1, June 19, October 30 and November 6.

Keep track on the events page of their website here, which will continue through the fall. Though they are free, you will have to register in advance!

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