These Interactive Maps Show The Average Commute Time For EVERY Neighborhood In NYC

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With the L-Train-pocalypse, transportation deserts and seemingly endless delays, we New Yorkers are justified in believing that we have some of the worst commute times in the country.

According to a study released earlier this year by the Center for an Urban Future, the average commute time for a New Yorker is over 40 minutes. If you don’t think this is an outrageous figure think of it like this; If you travel somewhere and back (40 mins x 2) every day for a year, you will have spent around 3 weeks in that year commuting. Nearly three weeks! That’s more time than most Americans spend on vacation.

Check out the interactive map compiled from census data by the Center for an Urban Future below:

Take a look at the full article by NYC Future where they go into greater detail about their methods and how they analyzed and mapped their data.

Looking for a silver lining? Well, the next time you’re complaining about your commute, spare a thought for the residents of the Rockaways and their 53 minute commute time. Remember, that is only an average! Commutes in some parts of the Rockaway Peninsula reach up to 59 minutes! Click on the map below to see a much more detailed breakdown of NYC commutes.

Featured image source [nyc-commute-times]

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