This Interactive Map Shows You Where The Most Educated NYers Are Hiding

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This Interactive Map Shows You Where The Most Educated NYers Are Hiding

We’re all smart in NYC, right? Of course we are! …but maybe we’re not all equally smart. A new interactive map by a Texan University professor shows us exactly where our most highly educated New Yorkers are hiding.

Some of the best universities in the country have their home in our fair city, it’s no surprise that NYC is a hub for the nations best and brightest. Leaders in business, innovation, and opinion flock to the city from all over the world.

With so much brain power in the five boroughs, it begs the question… “Where the hell are they all?” You’d be forgiven for thinking that our most highly educated residents are distributed evenly throughout the city… but they’re not… not even a little.

Kyle Walker, professor at Texas Christian University, created an interactive map that pinpoints exactly where the highest concentration of university educated NYers are, and no surprise, it’s Manhattan.

Using public data on the education levels of the population aged 25 and over in the US, the map arranges the data into 5 categories. Red shows areas in which the average education level is less than a high school degree, Orange shows those with a high school degree, yellow represents some college, green indicates a bachelor’s degree and blue represents a graduate degree.

Take a dive into the full map here.

Featured image source [screenshot from: personal.tcu.edu/kylewalker]

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