Interactive Installation Makes NYers Contemplate Their Mortality

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Interactive Installation Makes NYers Contemplate Their Mortality
A new installation from Long Island City’s studioSPACEnyc, called “Unspoken” asks visitors to contemplate their mortality while lying under 115,000 feet of string and mortician’s toe tags.

We’re sure you’ve had those quiet evenings in your apartment, alone at night, contemplating life, the universe and the meaning of everything; “Why are we here,” “do we really even exist?” If you’ve ever found yourself falling down that existential rabbit hole, then a new exhibit in Chelsea night just peak your interest.

Unspoken” is the latest interactive installation from studioSPACEnyc and aims to invite reflection on the fragility of human morality.

Using modified toe tags and 115,000 feet of reflective string, studioSPACEnyc states that the viewer is encouraged to consider:

the expansiveness of our transition to the next world through personal reflection on the tags. A toe tag is typically used to identify cadavers in a mortuary, in this installation, however, the viewer is invited to respond to questions posed on them, which will be hung on one of the thousands of strings. This immersive experience gives the viewers an all-encompassing opportunity to explore and deepen their own appreciation of transitioning from this world beyond our realm of understanding.

Unspoken” is a collaborative exhibition between studioSPACEnyc, Ann Lewis and presented by Killer Impact. The exhibition was curated by Killer Impacts Director of Visual Art, Zahra Sherzad. Inspired by the forthcoming Killer Impact TV series ”Kill Me”.

Admission to see “Unspoken” is free and it is on view Thursday through Saturday, noon to 8 pm at 149 West 14th Street in Chelsea.

Featured image source [studiospace.nyc/unspoken]