INSTAFAIL: The 5 Most Over-Instagrammed Things in NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

INSTAFAIL: The 5 Most Over-Instagrammed Things in NYC


Moved to New York recently? Here are the five things you’ll start seeing non-stop when you open up your Instagram:

5. Dogs


So many city-goers are dog-lovers, so naturally they show up on Instagram under NYC hashtags. Man’s best friend seems to be a photographer’s best friend too.

4. Bridges


With water separating its boroughs and many of its commuting workers, NYC has plenty of bridge eye candy. They’re definitely more majestic when you’re looking at them from a distance, as opposed to sitting on them stuck in traffic.

3. Food


Not only do people like eating food, people like looking at food (or at least they think other people will like looking at their food). This is probably a popular Insta item everywhere, but with so many restaurants in New York and some foods that you can only get in the northeast, the temptation to photograph your meal is even greater in the Big Apple.

2. Graffiti

[Giuseppe Milo]
[Giuseppe Milo]
We’ll grant that some graffiti artists are extremely talented, and probably want their work photographed. Others get a little too much credit.

1. Freedom Tower

freedom tower

Instagramming One World Trade Center might be more American than eating apple pie while playing monopoly and watching a Western simultaneously. (What’s more American than Freedom with a capital F?) Insta on, but just remember that you’re a walking cliche.

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