Indoor Dining Finally Reopens In NYC Today

With 25% capacity

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Indoor Dining Finally Reopens In NYC Today

The time has finally come — indoor dining is reopening in NYC.

Indoor dining reopened in phase 3 for every other region in New York State, but was cut from NYC’s reopening plan days prior by Governor Cuomo due to safety concerns. Even earlier this month Mayor de Blasio hinted that it might not reopen until 2021, as it has been a main element that has led to increased cases and infection rates in other cities.

But earlier this month (on September 9), Governor Cuomo said that NYC restaurants can reopen at 25% capacity starting Wednesday, September 30.

As far as compliance, he said he “believes in New Yorkers will do the right thing,” citing the example of how much New Yorkers got behind wearing face masks. If the state sees an increase in the infection rate, they will find the identifiable cause, and “hit the pause button” on whatever it is, including indoor dining.

He said if rates don’t increase, they can continually reassess and then increase the capacity. They marked Nov. 1 as a benchmark when NYC could go up to 50% capacity.

Here are some more specific rules:

After Mayor de Blasio implied a few weeks back that indoor dining may not happen until 2021, this is likely great news for all of the struggling bars and restaurants.

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