An Incredible New T. Rex Exhibtion Is Coming To New York’s Museum Of Natural History

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Everyone’s favorite Jurassic animal will be the star of its own special exhibit this year at the Museum of Natural History.

Starting on March 11, museum and science lovers are in for a special treat. The American Museum of Natural History is known for their famous skeleton of a gigantic T. rex and now, they will be showcasing it in a brand new light.

According to the museum website, the exhibition is all about learning more about this incredible dinosaur through fossils, models and even interactive and virtual reality experiences that museum-goers can try out for themselves. The show will even explain the T. rex’s evolutionary life. That old adage that a dinosaur and a chicken are somehow related? This image of a baby T. rex makes us think that it’s true:


image: via Zhao Chuang and Xi’an Yiniao Age Culture Media Co.

For members of the AMNH, preview days begin on March 8. You can find more information about the upcoming exhibition on the Natural History Museum website.

Featured image: vagueonthehow via Flickr