You Can Now Get Boozy Bubble Tea Soft-Serve At This New Shop In SoHo

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You Can Now Get Boozy Bubble Tea Soft-Serve At This New Shop In SoHo

This brand-new tea and dessert shop in SoHo combines three of our favorite things: alcohol, bubble tea, and ice cream!

Boba Fix opened in the middle of tricky times — in July of this year — but they’ve already made quite an impact down in SoHo with their creative (and very Instagram-friendly) menu.

They specialize in a variety of milk teas with boba (tapioca balls), plus a very creative specialty ice cream…

Their menu includes handcrafted, premium bubble tea made with wholesome ingredients in flavors like jasmine milk tea, Vietnamese coffee, four berry matcha, raspberry hibiscus and more.

But their real selling point is the soju-infused soft serve, the first of its kind (soju is a clear, Korean liquor that can come in fruity flavors). It’s available in vanilla and matcha, along with a wide array of toppings like rose petal leaves, edible gold flakes, Poky sticks, Oreos and more.

They also have vegan options (including the spiked ice cream, as it is dairy-free)!

“We opened shop in late July 2020, in the depths of a season of turbulence, change and unpredictable circumstances,” they said on their website. “We’re so thankful for many of you who have come and tried our bubble tea, shown your smiles (behind your masks), and written on our wall of what inspires you! Many of you were blown by our soju soft serve that became a part of our menu weeks after we opened.”

The ice cream became so popular that they decided to package it and make it available in pint-sized containers that you can order from their website, and will be delivered in late November. It is made from oat milk and comes in the flavors of: Matcha, Thai Tea, Classic Milk Tea, and Vanilla.

We can’t wait to check it out in person!

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featured image source: Instagram / @bobafixnyc

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