Huge New Trader Joe’s Outpost Opens Today in SoHo

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Huge New Trader Joe’s Outpost Opens Today in SoHo
The SoHo area has just been blessed with a brand new Trader Joe’s outpost.

Today, the location on 233 Spring Street opened and you may not have to wait in an endless line, for once! Doors opened at 8 a.m. and so far there’s still no line wrapping around the store. However, we’re certain that will change as people start to discover it’s existence.


The store is stocked and ready to go! A recent press release from Trader Joe’s explains:

“The open and spacious store will feature 30 checkout lanes, as well as unique artwork such as a mural of a rooftop bar in Soho and neighborhood and store-front signs creatively placed inside the store.”

Open and spacious it is. For its grand opening the vibe is happy and tropical with live music greeting everyone who enters and staff all wearing bright blue shirts, leis around their necks, and huge smile.


Actually, everyone in the store seemed to be smiling when we visited. The huge Trader Joe’s space has wide isles and plenty of room to maneuver through the produce section.

Trader Joe’s new location is open every day until 10 p.m. In addition to the new opening in SoHo, they’ve recently opened their new UWS location as well on 2073 Broadway.

[All images taken by Secret NYC]

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