NYC’s Macabre Cocktail Soirée ‘House Of Spirits’ Is Now Open For Spooky Season

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NYC’s Macabre Cocktail Soirée ‘House Of Spirits’ Is Now Open For Spooky Season

Drinks, tarot readings, and giant ouija boards at a macabre mansion full of secrets? A spectacular evening awaits at the newly opened House of Spirits!

Prepare yourself for a night full of mystery and magic, paired perfectly with cocktails. This October, you’re invited to a haunted soirée at a stylishly eerie mansion! House of Spirits is a two-hour immersive cocktail experience that weaves a disquieting and interactive storyline certain to leave guests delightfully chilled — and the night of mystery and magic has officially begun!

The evening takes place at a mansion on Wall Street, a beautiful historic manor built in 1904. Step back in time to an enchanted Halloween party, unknowingly partaking in a strange ritual that brings the mansion’s mysteries to life.

This macabre gathering tells the haunting tale of Molly and Francisco Vega, a young couple who lost their baby during childbirth. Francisco channels his grief into art and begins a series of disturbing paintings, while Molly’s grief drives her to a much darker place.  The events of the evening are loosely based on the life and artwork of famous Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

Grab your tickets here for sinister séances, tarot readings & more!

At House of Spirits, you’ll have the chance to explore the eerie mansion, invoke a giant ouija board, and meet mystical tarot readers, and maybe, this night will give you the chance to see Vega’s paintings come to life. Don’t miss this awe-inspiring, curiosity-filled occasion!

The event includes four miniature cocktails inspired by different rooms in the mansion. Additional cocktails, beer, wine, and food items will be available for purchase at the event. And to turn things up a notch, guests are encouraged to dress in cocktail attire, or period-themed costumes!

Prepare for a delightfully dreadful evening and get your tickets to ‘House of Spirits’ here!

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