The Historic Location For NYC’s Haunted Cocktail Soirée Has Been Revealed

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The Historic Location For NYC’s Haunted Cocktail Soirée Has Been Revealed

A chilling cocktail soirée is opening in NYC this October, and the historic downtown location has finally been revealed!

At the haunted “House of Spirits,” visitors will be able to freely roam a mysterious five-story mansion located at 60 Pine St. in Lower Manhattan — once home to one of New York’s oldest social clubs dating back to 1859.

You’ll get to sip on four miniature cocktails throughout the experience, each inspired by a dearly departed spirit, as well as play hidden secret games and interact with spirits and magicians…

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A New York City landmark, the 60 Pine St. building magnificently displays Romanesque Revival architecture with its arched windows and stonework, and is the second oldest private club building in the entire country. Normally only open for members or select private events, “House of Spirits” is a rare chance to visit one of NYC’s most historic and exclusive spaces.

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As you wander the historic halls, you’ll be completely transported by the haunting tale of Molly and Francisco Vega (loosely based on the life and artwork of famous Spanish painter Francisco Goya). After they lose their child, Francisco channels his grief into art and begins a series of disturbing paintings, while Molly’s grief drives her to a much darker place.

Jonah Larrama Locations

Throughout the evening you’ll follow the disquieting but interactive storyline, witnessing everything from macabre magic to sinister séances to strange roaming specters. There will also be tarot readings, live music and themed craft cocktails!

Ready for a night of mystery and magic? Get your tickets here!

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