The Holland Tunnel Messes Up Their Christmas Decorations Yet Again

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Holiday time in the city means decorations galore but this year, once again, the Holland Tunnel is ruining Christmas for thousands of New Yorkers with their ugly decorations.

Each year, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey puts up two Christmas wreaths and a Christmas tree which have “historically been symmetrically aligned above tunnel lanes.” This year, the misplaced symmetry has some New Yorkers up in arms.

A recent petition on change.org is shedding light on the controversy by highlighting that symmetry doesn’t always mean aesthetically pleasing. Some New Yorkers are suggesting that the triangular Christmas tree should cover the “A” from now on instead of its current placement on top of the “N.”

The petition, which now has almost 3,000 signatures, states:

“Nearly 1-3% of America’s Population suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  OCD is characterized by obsessions and compulsions that take up at least an hour a day – but usually longer – and cause significant distress.  For many people, small things can set off or trigger OCD.

The entrance to the Holland Tunnel (One of the busiest enterance ways into America’s most populated and famous city) is a majestic site of architecture and history.  A site that should be celebrated.  However, every Holiday Season it is decorated with 2 wreaths and a Holiday Tree.  But for some reason the tree is over the letter N in the word Holland instead of the letter A where it would fit perfectly.  This one small thing triggers anyone with the slightest hint of OCD every time they enter the city.   On top of that, it’s just unsightly and ruins the holiday festivities for people to enjoy on such a great piece of architecture.

I am asking you to join with me in asking the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to move the tree decoration over from the letter N to cover the A.   This is the time where ALL PEOPLE should be celebrating and have an opportunity to enjoy the decorations and festivities. This country is divided already, let’s start doing things to bring us back together.”

In response to the petition, the Port Authority has come up with their own survey polling suggestions for a potential change.

Option 1, leave the decorations as they are:


Option 2, move the tree to hang over the A in the word “HOLLAND”:


Option 3, move the tree to hang over the A and remove the second wreath that’s now over the U in the word “TUNNEL”:


Option 4, add a tree to hang over the A, but keep and adjust the existing tree to make the decorations symmetrical (umm, who thought of this one?):


Which do you prefer? Make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote on the Port Authority’s website.


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