Hit Me Baby One More Time! A Britney Spears Musical Is Coming To Broadway

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Rumors have it that Britney is making her way to Broadway.

Last May, an article in Forbes magazine hinted at the possibility of a Britney Musical on Broadway. Now those rumors seem to have been confirmed. Britney was spotted leaving JFK airport this weekend on her way to a reading of the show.

However according to sources, the musical is not set to be autobiographical. Much like the musical, Mamma Mia! which featured ABBA’s greatest hits with an unrelated story line, the Britney musical will do the same, tying in her most well loved tunes with a fictional narrative.

Although no official time line has been put out yet, Britney has given the green light! Word around town has 2019 as the debut date. We can’t wait!

Featured image: breatheheavy.com