The Hipster Meccas of NYC

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The Hipster Meccas of NYC

NYC is the birthplace of the hipster. And while the concept might be old now, it doesn’t mean there aren’t still quite a few places in the city that hipsters flock to. Whether you consider yourself one of the tribe or want to avoid it altogether, here are some of the hipster meccas of NYC.

1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters


There’s a bunch of these all over the city and only the cool kids who look down on Starbucks moving into their neighborhood have their coffee here. Even the baristas are hipsters.

2. Ace Hotel Lobby & Bar


The Ace Hotel Lobby is beautiful, but it is decidedly hipster. Especially the bar; even at night with great music and good looking people, they’ll be into their Apple iPads. But you’ll still have a great time with the awesome cocktails they serve!

3. Ice & Vice


If you want fairly expensive ice cream in an otherwise expensive city, look no further than Ice & Vice. To be fair, it is pretty phenomenal ice cream, with crazy flavors like caramelized white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate ice cream. But you have to look past the too cool exterior to enjoy something…also cool.

4. The Penrose


Located in the Upper East Side, this place serves a mean brunch and a strong hair of the dog Bloody Mary. You might be saddled up next to some hungover hipsters, but it’s much better than a lot of the other bars in the area.

5. Gotham West Market


It’s like a mix of Chelsea Market plus the hipster places of Brooklyn, without the intense amount of people walking around. Ample Hills, Corner Silce and Choza Taqueria can all be found here for a delicious lunch.

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