Con Ed Says NYC Should Expect High Electricity Bills This Summer

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Con Ed Says NYC Should Expect High Electricity Bills This Summer

This summer is going to be different in NYC for many reasons, and even Con Edison is preparing for changes that the pandemic is bringing.

The company said in a press release that projections are showing that NYC residents will have higher electricity bills this summer. It’s not only because people will be home much more throughout the typically hot NYC weather, due to stay-at-home orders and recommendations, but also because of “increased supply charges by power generators.”

They say they do not “make a profit on these supply charges” and have “taken steps to defer some of those costs.”

On average, NYC residents use about 350 kilowatt hours per month. They said to expect a 9.5 percent increase from $99.14 in 2019 to $108.53 per month from June through September 2020.

They say the best way to save on your bill is to conserve energy, which they offer tips for here.

Throughout the crisis, Con Ed says they’ve launched payment plans, waived late fees, and stopped turning off power for non-payments, due to the financial struggle many New Yorkers are facing during the crisis.

They shared the information in a press release stating they have recently invested $1.3 billion in their electric-delivery systems in order to keep service reliable this summer.

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