Hermes NYC Location Turns Into A Record Store For The Week

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Hermes NYC Location Turns Into A Record Store For The Week
From now until April 21st, come swing by the New York City Hermes store to check out their new “Record Shop” immersive experience. Come browse through the vinyls of years past surrounded by men’s silk ties and other luxury goods in this Silk Mix event.

From 10am to 7pm every day this week, you can come check out the records in this retail initiative targeted towards millennials looking for a more sensory based shopping experience. The space is centered around music while also showcasing the brands iconic silk. The installation has had success already in Europe when it launched, especially in cities like Madrid.

DJ, put a record on! #HermesSilkMix

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The concept for the installation was created by the head of the menswear for the brand, Véronique Nichanian, the creative director of men’s silks, Christophe Goineau, and Thierry Planelle, who has curated music for the label’s men’s runway show.

photo: thecurrentdaily.com
photo: thecurrentdaily.com

The show is also set to travel to other cities this year. The installation is meant to appeal to all senses, invoking pleasure from both the products and the experience of listening to the music and taking part in the installation. 

According to Hermes,

“Silk Mix, is an experience inspired by a record store, a place that is all about browsing, listening and discovering. A place in which men’s silk scarves illustrate record sleeves, while ties adorn cassettes. A living place, the scene of unexpected encounters and surprises.When the joy of selecting a scarf or tie is the same as that of playing a favorite record: chosen to match one’s mood, the weather or an encounter.”

Featured image: traveler.es

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