Here’s how NYers Ranked in the National “Worst Drivers” Survey

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Here’s how NYers Ranked in the National “Worst Drivers” Survey
The traffic-laden streets of New York City are a giant obstacle course. For most of us driving around the city isn’t worth the hassle, but for those that do, here’s how well they navigate the city according to a national survey of bad drivers.

With our gridlocked streets and rude drivers, you’d be forgiven for thinking New York breeds some of the worst motorists in the U.S. The good news? You’re wrong.

In a new report, the auto insurance website CarInsuranceComparison.com ranked every state in the country on how unsafe their motorists are. We’re happy to announce that New York isn’t the most dangerous state… In fact, it’s the 32nd the country.

Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the site ranked states in 5 categories (listed below):

So if New Yorkers aren’t the worst drivers, who are? The state with the dubious honor of having the worst motorists is Montana, followed by Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, and Nevada.

According to the list, New York’s drivers biggest problem is speeding and careless driving. We ranked 21st in the country in both categories.

It’s not all rosy though. Prepare to be triggered… Drivers in New Jersey are safer than us… much safer.  The report ranks NJ as having some of the safest drivers in the U.S. placing them at 48, tied with Virginia.

Featured image source [Chris Conroy | Flickr]

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