Here’s How NYC Ranked In America’s Most Sinful Cities In 2016

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Here’s How NYC Ranked In America’s Most Sinful Cities In 2016

It’s that time of year where our thoughts start turning to Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list. No one is completely without sin, and although we love our city, many of us have a skewed view of how dark we really are as a community.

The data crunchers at WalletHub compared the 150 biggest cities against 27 key “sinful indicators”:

Our data set ranges from “violent crimes per capita” to “excessive drinking” to “potential cheaters.” [We] compared the 150 most populated cities across seven key dimensions: 1) Anger & Hatred, 2) Jealousy, 3) Excesses & Vices, 4) Avarice, 5) Lust, 6) Vanity and 7) Laziness.  [Richie Bernardo | Wallethub]

For a more detailed explination of their methods check out their post HERE.

So, how did we rank? How sinful are we? New York City placed low on the list at 131st place. Finally, a list we’re glad to be low on. Here is the breakdown:

  • 135th – Anger & Hatred
  • 141st – Jealousy
  • 143rd – Excesses & Vices
  • 110th – Avarice
  • 42nd – Lust
  • 113th – Vanity
  • 11th – Laziness

As you can see, we aren’t angry, jealous, we don’t suffer from an excess of vices but we do have one problem. Laziness. We come in at 11th place for lazyness… less Netflix, more Gym fix!

Here are the 10 most and least sinful cities according to the study:

Most Sinful Least Sinful
1 Las Vegas, NV 141 Santa Clarita, CA
2 St. Louis, MO 142 Glendale, CA
3 Cincinnati, OH 143 Irvine, CA
4 Orlando, FL 144 Santa Ana, CA
5 Springfield, MO 145 Garden Grove, CA
6 Miami, FL 146 Chula Vista, CA
7 Richmond, VA 147 Brownsville, TX
8 Baton Rouge, LA 148 Yonkers, NY
9 Pittsburgh, PA 149 Fremont, CA
10 New Orleans, LA 150 San Jose, CA

Check out this infographic from WalletHub for a further breakdown:

Featured image source [Gabriel S. Delgado C.]

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