Here’s The Deal With Those Twin Peaks Metro Cards (and Where to get them)

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Here’s The Deal With Those Twin Peaks Metro Cards (and Where to get them)

Twin Peaks themed metro cards have hit the city! Before the show returns on the 21st, find out where you can grab your limited own edition Peaks themed pass. 

So now you’re asking yourself, why is the city going Twin Peaks crazy when the show has nothing to do with NYC? The town doesn’t exist, and even if it did it’d be in Washington state, not to mention that most of the series filmed in LA… So why all the fuss? As close as we can come to an answer is that we NYers are about as tuned into modern pop culture as any city can be, arts, culture, the whole nine yards. We are trendsetters. So when a visionary like David Lynch picks up the torch of a beloved TV property after 25 years, people get hyped, and we are no exception.

What makes this subway tribute even weirder is that David Lynch doesn’t even like the NYC subway all that much. As we learned in his talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in April 2014:

“I got a tremendous fear coming here in the Fifties,” he said. “Just going down in the subway filled me with fear. Even today, smelling in the subway fills me with that fear. The feeling in the air – it wasn’t so much what I saw – but [it was] the feeling of fear. Many things could go wrong at any minute.”

We suppose the bizarre nature of this promotion is in fitting with Lynches work, and though we’ll be the first to throw shade on the whole thing… we already have ours. Here are the 11 stations where you can get yours!

Bedford Avenue
Metropolitan Avenue
Bergen St
York Street
Second Avenue
Broadway Lafayette
West 4th St
Astor Place
14th St–8th Ave
50th Street (on the 1 line)
50th Street (on the A/C/E line).

Advertising in stations, trains and on cards adds over $145,000,000 a year to the MTA budget. Since 2012 alone advertising on MetroCards has earned the MTA an average of $550,000 yearly. So love the novelty cards or hate them, they do quite a lot for our cash-strapped public transport.

Want to know what you’re getting? here’s a peek at the prize cards themselves:

“Twin Peaks” return on May 21 on Showtime and there are only 100,000 in total to get, so be quick.


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