What Is The “Heat Dome” And When Will NYC Stop Boiling?

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What Is The “Heat Dome” And When Will NYC Stop Boiling?

There’s no denying that the summer heat has hit New York City like a sledge hammer, leaving a lot of us with the question, “what the hell is causing this heat?” and, “when will it end”?

What is the “Heat Dome”?

The “heat dome” is a strange meteorological phenomena where high pressure in the upper atmosphere acts as a ceiling that stops hot air from escaping, turning the city into a sauna.

This greenhouse-like effect built up in central United States and was so big and intense that last week a huge swath of the country was melting from 100-degree temperatures.

When will the “heat dome” end?

So here’s the good news, the worst of the “heat dome” may soon be over. Friday’s weather will be notably cooler, down to a maximum temperature of 81°, and a low of 72°. We realize, that temperature is hardly what you’d call arctic, but compared to what we’ve suffered recently the weekend should be heavenly.

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