Have You Met Martin, The Amazing Balancing Dog?

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Have You Met Martin, The Amazing Balancing Dog?


This is Martin. She’s actually a girl dog with a boy’s name. And she balances.

martin 1

She balances on barrels

martin 2

On fire hydrants

martin 3

On statues

martin 4

And on traffic cones

martin 5

You may have seen her at the library

martin 6

Or in Washington Square Park

martin 7

Or on Wall Street

martin 8

She balances high

martin 9

And she balances low

martin 10

She balances far and wide

martin 17

She loves to go to the playground

martin 11

And the piers

martin 12

You can take her just about anywhere

martin 13

So be sure to say hi if you see her

martin 14

She’d love to meet you

martin 15

Balance on, Martin!

martin 16


All photos courtesy of: H.L.I.T./Flickr


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