Harlem, Your Whole Foods Market has Finally Arrived

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Harlem, Your Whole Foods Market has Finally Arrived

Those living in Upper Manhattan, rejoice! After five years of construction, Harlem’s very first Whole Foods Market opened its doors on the corner of 125th Street and Lenox Avenue—so you’ll no longer have to venture far for these goods.

The store caters to its surrounding residences with roughly 20 local food brands from the Harlem area on their shelves—like pies from Harlem Pie Man, soups from Egunsi Foods, and spices from Sylvia’s. The opening of this high-end grocery store is a clear indicator of the neighborhood’s gentrification, and will likely lead to a rise in prices for the area’s real estate. However, in a recent press release the store’s team leader, Damon Young, stated:

“Our many Harlem community partners have helped us create a wonderful store that enables us to provide local jobs, support community artisans and serve Harlem residents with the highest quality natural and organic foods.”

This Central Harlem location is also the first of the Whole Foods Market franchise to have its own Mediterranean kebab grill, a delicious Cuban sandwich venue, and (perhaps most importantly) a window service Cuban coffee stand.


Now, if only the rest of Whole Foods Market locations could follow suit…the city needs more Cuban coffee stands!

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