Guy Drags a Harp onto the Subway… then “Kicks Ass!”

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Guy Drags a Harp onto the Subway… then “Kicks Ass!”

Just when you thought you’d seen every flavor of subway musician and performer, a musician drags an unwieldy harp onto the A-train and leaves straphangers speechless.

Few phrases will provoke an audible sigh on the subway more than “It’s Showtime” (maybe “expect delays” and “Pizza Rat”… but go with us here). Everyone living in the city has seen more than their fair share of pole gymnastics, crooners and musicians plying their trade on the subway. So much so, that when someone or something unique makes its way onto the tracks it automatically peaks our interest; like, for example, a man with a full sized harp totally rocking out.

The people on the uptown A train in Manhattan were treated to something truly spectacular on Friday when a man in the straw hat plucked the hell out of a huge harp. Check it out below:

Featured image source [twitter|MagsVisaggs]

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