I Guess He DID “Divide Us”: Shia LeBeouf’s Protest Installation Has Been Shut Down

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I Guess He DID “Divide Us”: Shia LeBeouf’s Protest Installation Has Been Shut Down

Back in January we reported on the controversial protest/art installation by actor Shia LaBeouf. Not even a month later “He will Not Divide Us” has been closed down due to violence.

He Will Not Divide Us” launched on the day of President Trump’s inauguration outside the Museum of the Moving Image and was set to stay in place for the 4 (please not 8) years of the POTUS’ term.

What was the idea behind “He Will Not Divide Us?” LaBeouf unveiled the anti-Trump protest video installation and invited members of the public to say “He will not divide us” into an exterior-mounted camera streaming live on the web.

Unfortunately for the Transformers star, the exhibit attracted more than just a littler attention from alt-right trolls. One such atercation can be seen in the video below:

It is believed that it was this encounter that lead to LaBeouf’s arrest for assault.

Museum neighbors were understandably tired of the attention. The “assault” was far from the only controversial incident, as well as becoming a magnet for alt-right trolls, the live stream saw people smoking Cannabis, drinking and publicly urinating. On February 10, 2017, the Museum of the Moving Image abandoned the project.

For a few days after the project ended the stream only contained this message:

This sad message has since been replaced by a blank screen. Will we see a return of the installation in a different form? Where as the museum of moving image has abandoned the project, it states on the project website, that the artists have not. We’ll keep you posted.

Featured image source [YouTube]